New Pentax owner - where are the 50mm primes?

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Re: A starter prime can be a gateway drug!

moving_comfort wrote:

moving_comfort wrote:

Of course I do, Bill. I also notice that it's a concept that gets mis-applied all the time in camera forums.


By this I mean that I think a lot of folks assume that 'economy of scale' is based on a linear function, and it rarely is. Meaning, if Nikon can sell 5 times as many fast 50's as Pentax, then Pentax must need to price it's 50mm five times higher to make it worthwhile. That's a false assumption. Nikon's economy of scale might allow them to sell a lens at $120 and make a per-unit profit, where Pentax needs to sell it at $175 to see similar return - not linear.

Also, the curve levels off at some point, because it's just not possible to pack hundreds of dollars worth of material and labor into an inexpensive fast-50. (and there is almost no R&D to recoup.)

I think it's false to say it would lose money, and it's false to say that it would somehow harm Pentax's image to have an economical fast-50. But it might be correct to assume that it's just not a priority now. Lots of stuff going on that Pentax has to address, lots of ways to spend manufacturing money that might have a higher overall return.

When Pentax was still a popular brand among consumers back in the 80s, I believe we were retailing 50mm f/1.7s for around a hundred bucks, and making about 10 dollars for our trouble.

I suspect they could sell a plastic fantastic 50/2 for a couple of hundred and make something off of it, but does the world really need another 50ish mm lens from Pentax?

Lets get some of the other holes filled in that are more in need of filling, and let the sixth 50ish mm lens sit until they have their line fleshed out.

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