How? The new sensor, Fuji claims, is capable of delivering resolution of the same qua

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Re: Fuji needs to deliver

howardfuhrman wrote:

I believe if the new sensor in the xPro1 produces equal IQ as the X100, it will be a marketing success.

I predict otherwise. I believe the sensor (combined with quality lenses) would need to significantly surpass the X100 image quality for the X Pro1 system to be a marketing success. That sensor is about five years old now.

A $1,200 X100 requires no follow-up purchases, however, the X Pro1 calls for well over double that price from potential buyers (once you consider purchase of multiple lenses). The retro design seems to target older photographers - who probably already have a considerable investment in another system which will be less than fully compatible. Leica lens owners may buy into it as their lenses will be compatible from the start with the available coupler. With a potential adapter in the future(?) Nikon and Canon shooters will lose autofocus, and probably more...

If the IQ is better, that is great. Right now all marketing claims are hype. Once production cameras are available and independently reviewed, we will learn whether the hype is confirmed. Personally I hope Fuji's claims are justified.

I'm with you here. I'd like to see the system succeed and grow.

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