Call me a Heretic... Fuji?

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Re: Call me a Heretic... Fuji?

meland wrote:

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DRabbit wrote:

Surprised I don't see more threads about it... The XPro1... well, I have to say it looks about as close to my dream camera, at least on paper, that one can get (short of the M9 which is so out of reach for me)...

This post looks like it belongs in the Fuji forum.

  • Vishnu

Maybe - but it poses a valid question that many Leica users, or potential Leica users could be interested in. And if I was in Leica's management I think I would be very interested indeed. Did you read any further into the thread?

Even asking a "valid question" about any other companies cameras -- in relation to Leica's current offering -- scares the living red dot bejeebus out some of the more hardened "Leica talk" hall monitors. Doesn't even matter if the real, or perceived "heretics" actually already own, or have owned anything Leica branded.

Can't for the life of me fugure out why they even bother to post, or comment in any of these "heretical" threads, when all they have to do is ignore it and move onto another thread that may better suit their particular Leica orthodoxy fancy.

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