I need a compact camera with optical viewfinder

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Erik Ohlson
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Re: I need a compact camera with optical viewfinder

Raymond Wardenaer wrote:

But it is not optical!
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Quite right - not strictly "optical", but very useful

You will not find a "real" optical sight on anything with a decent zoom range - it is simply too mechanically complex to produce an optical sight for zooms.

And then......there's the problem of parallax, and the fact that optical viewfinders don't typically display 100% of the image.

I don't know exactly which post you are referring to, but my Clearviewer does show 100% of the camera's display, and does show ancillary info displayed on the screen - it is by far the best viewfinder I've used in over 60 years of photography, so I try to share it with others.


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