Have you given up your DSLR for the G12/S95/S100?

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Re: Have you given up your DSLR for the G12/S95/S100?

toomanycanons wrote:

Hey meland, I know exactly what you're saying. It's like, if I have my point and shoot in my hand, whatever pic I'm gonna take is just going to be a throwaway snapshot so what's the point? And I have a hard drive full of point and shoot photos. I guess the ones I really like I wish I'd had a DSLR at that time with me.

I wonder if it's also something to do with the process of framing and composing the picture. For some reason I just don't compose well using the LCD screen and or liveview. Maybe it's because I grew up with SLR and rangefinder optical viewfinders and that's what I'm used to. My young niece (21) uses her EOS 500 totally on liveview and never uses the OVF at all. A DSLR at arms length! To me that is really strange!

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