I think you need to consider advantages of the G1x Optical IS(4stops)

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Re: 60mm at F5.8 max does'nt cut it

Yes, every system with interchangeable lenses has fast primes. So change your primes. More importantly, go BUY your primes. Their fast, right? Are they sharp? There is a difference between the two, you know. Is the sensor under those primes worth a plug nickel?

This isn't a DSLR replacement nor a mirrorless system replacement. If I could own just one camera, it would be my 7D. If I could own just one lens, it would be my 15-85. Fortunately, I don't have to own just one.

If all you care about is how fast a lens is, then 5.8 is kinda slow. I wonder why that is so important. Do you need depth of field? If so, don't waste your time with anything but a full frame DSLR. If you want shutter speed for low light or freezing motion, then you probably aren't terribly worried about hitting the sweet spot of your lens in the first place. Every fast lens has better image quality stopped down a stop or three. If you want a small SLR more than you want DOF or image quality, then mirrorless is all yours, buddy.

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