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Re: 550d video & AF

Y0GI wrote:

Cdmcdermott wrote:

thanks for the reply YOGI

Since the AF is so crap how hard is manual focus for day to day video ? do you know if magic lantern would make the 550d usable for day to day video ?


I have never tried video with a Canon DSLR, but ML has a nifty AF feature that make manual focusing much easier. It will 'highlight' areas of maximum contrast, showing you where the sharpest focus is. It could possibly make your 'day to day' vids doable.

that does sound like good news. I really didnt want to have to carry 2 cameras one for stills and one for video if I could find a camera which does both pretty well.

thanks for the advice !

I would be interested to hear from anyone who is using ML to help with focus issues and how doable day to day video is with this combination


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