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Re: What about polarizers?

I am a filter user. The WATE needs a special Leica filter adapter, with a 67mm filter thread. Easy to get. The MATE itself has a 55mm filter-thread. But you should not use a 55mm filter as the front element may touch the filter. I use a 55-58 step-up ring. When travel, I also have a 58-67 step up ring. This serves as a lens hood too. These step-up rings are selling everywhere, a few bucks each. Get 67mm lens cap. I use the extra lens cap from my 67mm Canon lenses.

Then I only carry a set of 67mm filters, and use filters just like on Nikon, Canon, ... lenses. In sum, buy the WATE Leica filter adapter, a few bucks for the step-up rings for MATE, a few bucks for the lens caps, get some filters (I use 67mm thread), and adding a few extra grams load (every mg counts when I am hiking at 6000m+),

Have a safe and joyful trip.

Tri-Elmar twin, for traveling with 67mm filters:

Paul Richman wrote:

This is my latest concern with the Tri Elmars and the R Leicas as well.

I have always used polarizers, when directionality warrants. As you know, they can saturate colors, remove glare and reflections, and of course darken a blue sky. The effect can be dramatic.

But filters seem to be a bit of a problem with the Leica lenses I'm considering, right?

How hard is it to use a polarizer with the Tri-Elmars? How easy is it to get the filter holders, or step-up rings that are needed? Can I then use standard circular polarizers, or is something special (and hard to get) required? I'm asking this about both the 16-18-21 and the 28-35-50.

Apparently you can't use the hood and filter at the same time on these lenses, right? Dr Rohde mentioned that the lens is rather recessed, so this might be ok....

Then, with the R zooms, the hood is a screw in type, which I guess must be screwed into a polarizer. How easy is this to use? Can you turn the hood to turn and adjust polarization?
Paul Richman
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