M10 soon ?

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Re: M10 soon ?

JamieTux wrote:

its different Peter, not better or worse or are you now saying that dslr cameras automatically have better image quality than digital medium format backs?

if you are going to compare then compare oranges to oranges and apples to apples.

if you are going to compare ff leica then compare it to ff nikon and ff canon.

dslr have several classes too you know.

since leica said that CMOS is the future logic would dictate that since canon, nikon, sony, panasonic, fujifilm, etc are using CMOS then using simple reasoning it also means that canon, nikon, sony, panasonic, fujifilm are the FUTURE.

and since the FUTURE is here because they use CMOS then logic again dictates that Leica is the PAST?

in laptop terms, if all other laptops brands are using i7 core and your brand is still using c2d then which laptop is behind in technology?

maybe some of you would say the c2d still runs photoshop!

but when you compare prices, the c2d costs 3x the i7 laptop???

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