G1X - What a disappointment....

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Re: I'll second your question

tko wrote:

OK. It has a big sensor. That makes it bigger and heavier. So what else does it do?

Smaller sensor cameras can still make great 8X10's, which is all most people ever do. So what does the larger sensor give you?

Better low light? But it's a slow lens, offsetting that.

Better DOF? But that slow lens . . .

So what exactly does it do that's better for most people?

I know, I know. It has a bigger sensor!

Given your reasoning then there is no point in any P&S user buying ANY CSC/ILC or entry-level DSLR with their kit lens. Only cameras left to buy if one does not want to invest in lenses are the fast P&S like Fuji X10 or Oly XZ1.
Autofocus performance on GX1 remains to be seen.

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