I just watched the 1st video Fuji guys ... wow

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Left Side VF Makes Sense

Fuji is probably kicking themselves for not hiring you to design their cameras -- lol.

But seriously...Even though you undoubtedly have decades of RF shooting experience behind you, you might have forgotten that with an optical viewfinder, one of the challenges is to get the FOV of the viewfinder clear of the lens -- especially faster wide angle lenses. On my M8, both the 25mm Zeiss and 35mm Summicron intrude into the FOV -- even with the Summicron's minimalist lens hood. Without the Summicron hood, the front of the lens still gets just a teeny bit into the 35mm frame area. (Fuji took some serious design steps to minimize VF FOV from the hoods of the two shorter lenses.)

Also, with both my M8 and x100, my nose clears the side of the camera -- no nose prints on the LCD (granted, not a solution for left-eye shooters).

VF placement is one of the critiques of the X10, where the decision was made for a pop-up flash, thereby eliminating left-hand VF placement as an option.

This isn't about Leica mimicry. It's about making the camera work.

cdidd wrote:

but because decision to make it look like leica was already made, and they used it just because it was available.

Lots of space is wasted anyway, however you would spin it.

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