M10 soon ?

Started Jan 6, 2012 | Discussions thread
petertan1959 Regular Member • Posts: 189
Re: M10 soon ?

Anadrol wrote:

I would have thought than the M10 will have the new CCD from Kodak,
but recently Leica stated that CMOS is the future.

ha ha ha

ALL major dslr makers are using CMOS sensors for SEVERAL YEARS now.Nikon d70 & Canon 1d are the last models that have ccd sensors. not sure about this but the point is - it was several years ago!in diigital years those are in prehistoric times.

Leica has been using CCD on M9 and I believe some of you are saying this results in "better" images because CCD is better than CMOS.

So now Leica is admitting that their technology is behind everyone else???

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