SX40 or G1X for Travel?

Started Jan 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
plantdoc Senior Member • Posts: 2,717
Re: SX40 or G1X for Travel?

Part of the answer relates to - what do you want to do with the pics? If prints are mainly 4x6 to a few 8x10, I suspect you won't see much of a difference in decent light. HD slide shows look very nice with my ancient 4 megapixel, S45 on a 42 in. set. HD can only display 1920x1280 pixels which is less than 3 megapixels. Low light capability or a lot more zoom? EVF or basically LCD? Personally, I would take a Rebel t3i or t2i, and kit lens pack of 18-55 & 55-250mm, small flash for fill. Fits in a compact slinger type bag and certainly won't weigh you down. As a backup, I would take one of the better rated "travel zooms".


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