Why I need (ok want) a D4...1 photo

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Re: Are they in a glass enclosure?


Forgetting the flash negates the whole reason for this particular zoo visit. The purpose of this visit was to practice using fill flash for an upcoming photography trip. I just finished some photography classes in which Moose Peterson, the legendary wildlife photographer, was teaching how to use the SB-900 for bird photography. In his opinion, it's almost a mandatory skill when shooting under certain conditions. So, this was all about experimentation. Forgetting about this technique without even trying it won't make me a better photographer.

No....the flash does not scare these animals. The zookeeper was standing right next to me the entire time...as they need to watch this baby very closely at all times. Flash is prohibited in approximately 50% of the exhibits. But, it is allowed (and the photography is encouraged) in the remaining exhibits. It all depends upon the animals...it is OK for certain ones and not OK for others. I simply obey all the rules...and discuss them with the zookeepers. Sometimes, I even clamp multiple flashes and practically have studio lighting for some of the exhibits...but I get concerned that someone will knock one of my SB units into an exhibit!


larrywilson wrote:

Forget the flash, even though the animal is a zoo animal, it might scare them. Is flash even aloud in a zoo?

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