Manufacturer profiles vs. home-made profiles?

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Re: Manufacturer profiles vs. home-made profiles?

I don't know about paper manufacturers' profiles, but I did do a little test where I took a Lab color ColorChecker chart and printed it out on my R3000 using the built-in color mgmt stuff, and a colormunki-generated profile. I then measured spots on a real colorchecker chart (because I was too lazy to type in the numbers) and compared them to the output on the printer. This was using Epson Ultra Premium Gloss. The very approximate results were (I did a few random patches and just sort of crudely averaged them in my head so these are very inexact results):

Built-in CM: 10 DeltaE from chart
Custom profile: 5 DeltaE
Sam's Club Fuji Frontier print (for comparison): 10 DeltaE

I forget which deltae formula but it was whatever the latest one that 'spotread' from argyll CMS will give you. Anyway, on the granularity of "approximately 5" vs. "approximately 10" it probably doesn't matter much.

Not terribly scientific... I was just trying to get a general idea of what was being accomplished with a custom profile. But the results seem to basically match up with more detailed tests on

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