Help me decide Leica X1 or Fuji X100?

Started Jan 8, 2012 | Discussions thread
h00ligan Veteran Member • Posts: 3,102
I've owned both..and sold both.

Leica is lighter, much more delicate, slightly sharper in the corners, slower lens, horribly slow af, useless manual focus, prone to sucking dust through telescopic lens, worse color, and at this point massively overpriced for what you get

Fuji is quirky with a bad menu system, has better color, lens is much more prone to flare (especially at night and overhead indoors), faster lens, faster but still slow af, useless manual focus, somewhat buggy.

The fuji is better Than the Leica in some areas...operationally mostly, and where the Leica is better, it's by a hair. I don't think it's worth the $800 premium.

That said, I wouldn't buy either right now, I'd consider something different.

Leica's x2 if it comes better bring a whole new level of fantastic, because they are seriously outgunned right now in everything that isn't a lens.

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