When will mirrorless put it all together?

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When will mirrorless put it all together?

Are Japanese mirrorless camera manufacturers allergic to hitting the target?

Yes, we each have our own idea of the "perfect" camera, but it shouldn't be too difficult for them to get closer to combining some basic attributes to take full advantage of mirrorless' strengths.

I would propose these to include:

  1. a combination of a small body supported by a range of small lenses

  2. Image stabilization for all lenses, including primes and legacy lenses

  3. ability to take high quality largely noise-free photos in most conditions

  4. JPEG's should have colors that demonstrably appeal to most users

  5. a high quality viewfinder should be built-in, as should a flash

  6. the display should be a pleasure to use, not a hindrance

  7. controls should be intuitive and easily adjusted without menu diving

Some of the new camera releases are interesting, but still miss some of these basic qualities, this over 3 years into mirrorless.

The NEX-7 is intriguing, but is still hobbled by lenses disproportionate to its body size and, with its 24 MP sensor, only has one lens that can take advantage of its resolution, and this at a cost of $1000.

The Fuji X-Pro 1 appears to have an excellent sensor combined with a short flange distance allowing for small lenses, so what do they do, they make the body simply huge and expensive.

The Panasonic GX-1 has a reasonably sized body and small primes to compliment it, but no IBIS to stabilize them and, since it uses the G-3 sensor/processor, likely mediocre JPEG colors.

The E-P3 is compromised by a 3 year old sensor with noise quite evident at ISO 800 and lacks an EVF, same for the E-PM and E-PL3, which are further compromised by undersized displays that wash out in sunlight and they lack built-in flashes.

I bought the E-PM1 nonetheless, a low-cost way to get into mFT which does provide a small body/small lenses along with IBIS and great JPEG's up to ISO 400. It's a nice starting point and I'm having a lot of fun with it.

But I must admit I bought it knowing full well it was really a stop-gap measure as I continue to wait for a camera that puts it all together.

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