Sigma 30 1.4. Good or bad?

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Very Good! - Re: Sigma 30 1.4. Good or bad?

Yes, the Sigma 30mm F/1.4 iis as enjoyable as your 85 1.8,
but you get to enjoy it more indoors when light levels are really low
and your 85 1.8 becomes too long.

You'll love the Sigma at F/1.4 so much that you won't want to use it at
any other apertures anymore.

On a side note, the auto focus issues you read all over the net are
real but it is not specific to Sigma lenses only. All very wide
aperture prime lenses (even Canon's 'L' made ones) will have some

of the batch significantly off from perfect focus as it's really difficult to make
wide aperture lenses with 'perfect' tolerances everytime given
the contribution of the camera body's tolerances to that of the lens'

Calibration of lens and/or the camera body for best performance
may sometimes be necessary. Alternately, you can select a different
focus point that gets the focus better or buy a camera with
microadjust feature so you won't have to send in your lens
or camera body for calibration.


Nectar D Or wrote:

... Other than that, is this lens as enjoyable as, say, my 85 1.8?

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