SX40 or G1X for Travel?

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Re: SX40 or G1X for Travel?

RDCollins wrote:

Assuming that you don't want to carry a big heavy DSLR when traveling, and assuming that video recording is of no interest to you, which of these two cameras would you choose for travel photography, and why?

As both are approximately the same size, I'd pick the G1X. I've done a fair bit of travel shooting with the G10, and that zoom range was fine for me. I don't really need much more than that. Image quality is more important to me than zoom, and a 14.3mp sensor will allow me to crop well. If the G1X delivers DSLR image quality as promised, it will be far and away a better choice for IQ than the SX40.

Video was of no real interest to me either, until I got a camera with decent video. And the better the video was, the more I liked it. There's so much difference between a set of still images of a band of singing, dancing buskers in the street, and a full HD video of them. If you've got a good video camera, that's a different story, but for me, having good video is always a plus.

All of this G1X talk has made me look at a batch of photos from a trip I took in 2009. I used the G10 and the Sigma DP1, and the difference between small sensor and large sensor output is very compelling.
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