G3 usage/UI tips from a new G3 user. Please add yours!

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G3 usage/UI tips from a new G3 user. Please add yours!

Following are some of the G3 features I've noticed are significant improvements over my Panasonic G1. Please add any additional usage tips to this thread, so we can keep them in largely the same place. At some point, perhaps a user article can be generated.

  • If you like touch screens, you'll love the one on the G3, as it is well implemented (though unlike the touch screen on an iPhone, it requires some pressure to get it to respond).

  • If you don't like touch screens you can turn all the touch features off. Most of what can be done through the touch screen can be done through buttons or the Quick menu. However, consider leaving the touch focus and touch shutter activated, as these are helpful additions that can't be easily duplicated without the touch screen.

  • The JPEG engine has been considerably improved, and in good lighting JPEGs approach (but don't quite reach) the balance of capturing fine detail and canceling noise obtainable with RAW files.

  • Shading compensation actually works and it seems to effectively remove vignetting from both JPEG and RAW files.

  • I.dynamic and I.resolution also actually work, and having them turned on and set to "low" for normal JPEG shooting appears to do no harm and sometimes does some good. i.resolution intelligently sharpens edges without adding noise to smooth areas, and i.dynamic pulls up shadow detail and somewhat preserves highlights in JPEGs when the camera detects potential blocked shadows or blown highlights.

  • ISO 3200 and 6400 are actually useful! The noise has a grain-like quality and is primarily luminance noise.

  • Custom modes appear to save almost anything you can set in the Custom, Record, and Movie menus, as well as most of what can be set from the Quick menu. I've got Custom modes set for normal JPEG+RAW, JPEG only, movies, and legacy lenses. Each time I shoot in one of these modes, I find slight tweaks that further optimize the mode for that kind of shooting. Cool!

  • Manual focus assist is easily activated with legacy lenses and m4/3 lenses and has three flavors: magnified central portion surrounded by normal view, as well as two levels of whole-screen magnification. These are selected by turning the thumb wheel, and whatever setting you use can be saved in a Custom mode.

  • Third-party batteries appear to work fine. They may not last quite as long, and the battery indicator may not be as accurate, but the chipped ones work without conflict.

Please respond to this post to add tips you've found that might help the rest of us get the most out of this camera.

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