S100 Video Behaving Badly

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S100 Video Behaving Badly

The Canon S100 that I used to make the fire video is freaking out on me.

Fire video here:


In the past two days I took videos at two different locations with two different light situations and had same problems. Here is one of them:


I'm shooting a little documentary about Fabio and I was using this camera in the store to be a bit more stealth than my Canon XH-A1s and make it so people would be more candid.

Shot at 1920X1080, 24 frames in P mode. Tried using several different white balance settings other than custom and still had same problem.

First there is this incredible flickering. Not related to fluorescents lighting because there was no flow in the first place that it happened and in this video there is a mixture of flow and halogen. Also, the flicker is not consistent which would be the case if it were the lights.

It actually seemed like it was trying to find different exposure settings. The slightest movement in the scene threw the whole thing into a tizzy. I guess I should have tried a manual exposure or set exposure lock. But it should have handled this setting.

The last part of the clip starts out orange and then get better (other that the exposure flicker) but it would have gone back to orange had I continued with the clip.

I tried using several different white balances setting such as auto, tungsten, fluorescent and the flickering was still happening. It mainly happened with a slight move of the camera as did the exposure flickering.

I guess I could have tried to set a manual white balance but this camera should not freak out like this and should be able to handle most situations.

Really disappointing. Could be user error. Any ideas?

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