Video obsessivness

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Video obsessivness

In the summer of 2008 Nikon introduced video in DSLR cameras, a move which appearently angered a lot of camera users. A lot. Soon Canon followed suit and then the Pandoras box really was opened - the photographic world was destroyed foreever. No, no, not by video itself, but by the incessant, obsessive, ramblings of people which just can't get over the fact that todays camera shoot both still images and moving images. Really folks, its getting a bit stale ...

I was not around when color film was first introduced (I am getting old, but not that old ;)) but if there was a Apreview site (Analog Photo Review) back then I guess there was several years of endless and heated discussions about why color film was useless, pointless, drained away valuable development resources from developing real - black and white - film instead.

I do however remember when autofocus first showed up. Oh man, did that upset a lot of people! After all, it was pretty much useless (really, the first implementations were indeed rather crappy), it was a pointless diversion and it nothing to do with real photographers. Real men focus manually! Seriously, quite a few photographers argued autofocus would produce less good photos because it made photography mechanical, it robbed it of some sort of soul ... Give me a break ...

Eventually the dicussions over autofocus died down and, the functionality itself got quite useful as the years went by and I think there are few that today argue Nikon really should release a D600, FX sensor, much cheaper because it does not have that pointless autofocs ...

Really people, video is here. Modern cameras shoot both stills and moving images. I know it makes you angry, but it wont go away, because there are plenty of other people out there actually using it and liking it as yet another function in the long, long, very long indeed, list of functions in modern DSLR cameras.

I shoot D3, and for obvious reasons don't shoot much video. If I get a D4, it will not be because of video. Nor will it actually be because of the 16 MP - for me the D4 might as well has stayed at 12 MP - I like the small files. I can make a long list of functions in the D4 I will probably never use. But I dont obsess over them and start new threads every week pouring out my frustration over them either. I just ignore them entirely, or maybe give them a try.

Many people complain Nikon waste valuable development resources when working with the video implementations in their cameras. Well, interestingly the same people seemingly don't mind wasting their own time and energy arguing about a fuction which is here to stay.

Video has been a part of DSLR photography for over three years now. It will remain a part of DSLR photography. Get over it ...

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By the way, film is not dead.
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