why did Oly drivers ask for more sharpness?

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Re: Very good point!

Louis_Dobson wrote:

Subjectively, which GB won't like but never mind, I'd say the D3 still has a distinct advantage. But the GH2 really is more than good enough. In fact I'd say E5 (based on my E-PM1) adequate, GH2 has a margin for error, D3 you'd really have to be doing something stupid to run out.

Oh, I'm all about the subjective -- I just like to make a clear line between the subjective and objective, and define the objective in terms of how the various attibutes of the objective are weighed in the context of a person's QT (quality threshold).

For example, by every measure, the 5D2 is "better than" the 5Dc that I use. However, I just didn't feel the 5D2 brought "enough" to the table (for me) to spend the coin in an upgrade (that's why I'm so anxious about what the 5D3 will be like).

Furthermore, I not only understand, but expect , that others would prefer, for example, mFT to a 5D, 5D2, or whatever.

Wait, wait -- scratch that. Everyone needs to be just like me!

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