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Re: price?

Mauro.B wrote:

Leica gear retains value over time, particularly lenses. An equivalent 2nd hand Leica kit (M9 + Elmarit 28mm III + Summicron 50mm IV + Summarit 90mm = less than $8.000) will depreciate only in the M9 side.

I paid $5000 for the M8 back in 2007... I'd be lucky to get $2000 for it now likely.
And yes, the glass holds it's value... but...

Non Leica lenses lose up to 50% right after purchase, and digital cameras value usually disappears into nothingness in a couple years.

Disagree... it depends on the glass itself. I've had non-Leica glass go up in value, stay about the same and lose value. It really depends on what it is, it's reputation, demand and so on. Good glass ALWAYS holds its value much better than digital camera bodies.

Digital is becoming a sort commodity, in which more or less all gear in any give "tech range" has sam-ish IQ quality: "cheapest to deliver" apply in such cases. The X Pro 1 is everything except cheap.

But it's much cheaper than an M9 and similar focal length/speed glass. 1/2 the price. So it's all relative. Plus, no one knows the final retail price yet. Some rumors suggest that $1699 will include the 35mm f/1.4 lens. If true, even better.

I would wait for early adopters feedback, X Pro 1 must really deliver to be worth investing in a whole new system with no future development guarantee.

There's an argument to be made the early adopters will have an easier time getting their money back if they don't like it. That happened with me and the GH2. I hated it. Sold it for a profit without much effort (and wasn't even looking to do so).


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