Call me a Heretic... Fuji?

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Re: Call me a Heretic... Fuji?

DRabbit wrote:

Surprised I don't see more threads about it... The XPro1...


That's because people on the Leica forums normally savage anybody who suggests something other than the sacred red dot.

As a fellow M8 user I am quite excited about the XPro1...looks like almost the perfect camera for me with one exception. I know I'll be in the minority but I wish the Fuji was just full-time manual focus, but with focus peaking or some other tool to help with focus confirmation. I love my manual focus on the Leica, find it quite easy. Manual focus on the x100 feels so disconnected and wrong, and the AF is slow. If you're going to implement AF than do it right (aka Canon/Nikon) otherwise why bother. I guess time will tell how the focus (both auto and manual) performs on the Xpro1 but I'm definitely interested!

Also, I see Fuji also agrees with me that exposure compensation deserves it's own dial on the top plate....come on Leica get with it already! Nothing easier than shooting aperture priority and adjusting exposure compensation on the fly....full creative freedom and faster than full manual when you are in changing lighting conditions matter what full manual lovers say.


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