Price!!! GULP! Is it just me?

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Re: Price doubles as we go up the X-ladder

Actually, a lot of people are not. Technical people who work in TV production are not "a lot of people" as a percentage of compact cameras buyers, which is what Fuji has been peddling mostly in the digital age in recent memeory. Sure they have a lot experience with med/large format film gear, but again most people would not know them for that, they would know them from buying a 3-pack of 400ISO film at Kwik-e-Mart.... so for most of their digital camera career they've been hawking $379 digicams to "most people", so when they suddenly "appear" to have $3000 digicams, the jump in percived value/dollar is significant to the perception of most consumers of digicams (again regardles of the actual/deserved value of the product)!!!

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Anton Marcu wrote:

I'm not saying Fuji won't sell every single one of them OR that the price is unjustified, what I'm saying is that most people shopping Fuji are a bit surprised by the Porsche prices, that's all, since the carping about the price. Fuji are trying to position themselves upmarket, and folks are not used to that yet.

Actually, a lot of people are. The TV production industry is a major customer of Fuji, and if you check the B&H pro-video site, you will see pages and pages of Fujinon lenses beginning around $1,600 and going all the way to $160,000! A high percent of theatrical release movie are also shot on Fujinons. Among large format shooters, Fujinons held great respect. Fuji glass was in every way competitive with Zess and Schneider. Fuji's medium format cameras were always comparatively pricey, with their GX680 way more expensive than its competitors. Currently Hasselblad and Hasselblad branded lenses are made by Fuji.

Simply, Fuji is such an up-market company, that unless you are working in the industry, you would lack the experience to realize this. Sure, it has the same line of P&S cameras as everyone else—no company can afford not to. If one is comparing them to car companies, Mercedes comes to mind. They do build taxis, but also the Maybach and some very pricey iron under their own brand name, along with Formula One racing engines.

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