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Re: a peculiar fixation of a strange mind

pwilly wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

James Bligh wrote:

You understand physics and know technicalities better than I but what we need here in dpreview is people like Carl Sagan rather than an Einstein.

I ain't no Einstein, and in fact what we could do with is all sorts of people that know what they are talking about in whatever capacity. You might think that Sagan was a better communicator and less of a physicist than Einstein, and you might be right, but the brilliance of Sagan's communication was not in playing with the truth to make it easier to communicate.

You may become a Sagan. Of course if you wish to.

I would be extremely honoured if anyone ever put me in the same league as Sagan. It won't happen.

P.S.: Charles Darwin had remarkable intuition although he didn't understand genetics and didn't even know the presence of DNA.

It just shows how little you understand. Einstein's work was not based on 'intuition' (even though he might have had it) - it was based on meticulous experiment and scientific analysis. And while Darwin himself wasn't much of a mathematician, he knew when he needed it and he turned to those who could provide it and understood the limitations he had to work with. It's a bit disingenuous to suggest that any old ignoramus is comparable with Darwin. Darwin wasn't an ignoramus, he was a genius. Or to put it more bluntly. Darwin's work was a model of scientific investigation and challenging prejudice and he was right. Your approach is no investigation and following prejudice, and you are wrong.

Neither Einstein nor Sagan was particularly adept at conveyance. James Burke did a better job than Carl Sagan affording views into technology for the common man.

But he did not always know what he was talking about. Not entirely his fault, he is neither a scientist nor an engineer. I suspect the problem that both Einstein and Sagan had was that they were not really willing to compromise their truth to ease the message.

Linking what is known to what is desired is the best way to communicate. Burke and Mick Jackson were amazing at delivering insight.

I've said my bit about Burke. As for Jackson, I liked the moondancing, shame about the rest.

P.S. Bob, I find you much like Burke,

I'll take that as a compliment, so thank you.

but from time to time your attitude is a little raspy.

indeed I can be raspy. Mostly, I make no apology for it. Most of my raspiness is reserved for ignoramuses who are so far up themselves that they don't even know enough to know how much they don't know. Sometimes I do get raspy with people who don't deserve it, and then I'm sorry. Sometimes people get raspy with me, and quite often I deserve it.

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