Best Monitor For Photo Editing 2012?

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P.S., some news from CES:

the new Samsung 55"OLED TV seems to be using real OLED technology, instead of only an OLED backlight in the LG model. All of these new OLED screens seem to be VERY impressive, and a big step up from current LCD technology. Unfortunately, looks like we have to wait 1-2 years before the price comes down to more affordable levels (rumoured price for 55 inch OLED TV's is $8000-10.000 - but I guess part of the high price is caused by the special features that are added in these TV sets).

Can't wait until we get this type of LED screens in PC monitors and laptops; maybe in 2 years or so? For sure, I'm not going to invest in high end (expensive) IPS monitors now

The new 4K (8.3 Mpixel) 20"display from Panasonic also looks impressive; talk about pixel peeping! Many users will need glasses to really see all those pixels. And just 3.5 mm thick, it is almost getting in print territory

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