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Re: a peculiar fixation of a strange mind

bobn2 wrote:

James Bligh wrote:

36MP one had exactly the same low light capability as the 16MP one? All the evidence suggest, ceteris paribus, high pixel density same format sensors are noisier less noisy compared with low pixel density sensors.

Fixed that for you.

No, not for me but a peculiar fixation of a strange mind.


Yawn. It's a discussion that has been had many times before. The point of view you represent has been shown to be wrong, according to the theory and according to the evidence. Here's a very complete summary of the discussion:
(and the subsequent 5 posts)

Read it and it you have the capability, understand it before you accuse those simply saying what's what of having a 'peculiar fixation of a strange mind'.

I have seen the threads before but I have not read them.


Why are you laughing?

But your tenacity won me over and I read them. I cannot say I understand every bit of them,

and yet you reserve to yourself the right to say what is right and wrong and say that people who disagree with you have a 'peculiar fixation of a strange mind'

I do not recall I have said what was right or wrong. I find you often did.

my son who is an electrical/electronic engineering major may understand it better than I, but I may say I grasped the meaning somehow.

May you? How did you assess your grasping of meaning?

What I said was I grasped broad context of the writing. Assessment? Maybe next time.

Still I do not agree on some very basic premises

Though you don't fully understand it.

You may say that. I cannot know everything in every fields. I wonder you may differ.

for example comparing 100% images is wrong. If you downsize a high MP image what good is high MP?

Just perhaps it produces a better picture. What is the purpose of good lenses if not to make larger pictures? Shall we compare the resolution given by consumer lenses on A4 size images with pro grade lenses on A3 size images and declare the consumer lenses sharper?

Yes, if the pro grade lenses are mounted on higher pixel density sensor camera. I will compare 100% images but if you prefer to compare A3 with A4 so be it.

You understand physics and know technicalities better than I but what we need here in dpreview is people like Carl Sagan rather than an Einstein.

I ain't no Einstein, and in fact what we could do with is all sorts of people that know what they are talking about in whatever capacity. You might think that Sagan was a better communicator and less of a physicist than Einstein, and you might be right, but the brilliance of Sagan's communication was not in playing with the truth to make it easier to communicate.

You know I had no intention of denigrating Sagan. Don't you? And I think ‘the brilliance of Sagan's communication was not in playing with the truth to make it easier to communicate.’ should be ‘the brilliance of Sagan's communication was in not playing with the truth to make it easier to communicate.’ Am I right?

You may become a Sagan. Of course if you wish to.

I would be extremely honoured if anyone ever put me in the same league as Sagan. It won't happen.

I knew it would be so but to find out you know your limitations is a revelation.

P.S.: Charles Darwin had remarkable intuition although he didn't understand genetics and didn't even know the presence of DNA.

It just shows how little you understand. Einstein's work was not based on 'intuition' (even though he might have had it) - it was based on meticulous experiment and scientific analysis. And while Darwin himself wasn't much of a mathematician, he knew when he needed it and he turned to those who could provide it and understood the limitations he had to work with. It's a bit disingenuous to suggest that any old ignoramus is comparable with Darwin. Darwin wasn't an ignoramus, he was a genius. Or to put it more bluntly. Darwin's work was a model of scientific investigation and challenging prejudice and he was right. Your approach is no investigation and following prejudice, and you are wrong.

Speech should be spoken on a podium. However eloquent your speech may be it will not move people's mind because you are arrogant, judgmental and insult people. You lack common sense. What do you think you are?

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Decision, decision, we are the slaves of decisions we made inadvertently.

May God forgive us our imperfections!

Dust to dust, what on earth are we entitled to claim?

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