Told ya so (G1X)...

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Re: This says it all for me...

Sam Bennett wrote:

krnjbifo wrote:

Read again your own post I quoted - ( I ) told ya so; I'm not going... and getting; I want ...; doesn't hold... for me ... Oh, I see now - your post was about you, not about Canon G1X

Yes, that post was about how the G1 X relates to my needs. Sounds like you were reading into it what you wanted. If you had bother reading my other posts, you'd see me also say things like:

Sam Bennett wrote:

CSC manufacturers are making a big bet that interchangeable lenses are critical for success, but that doesn't seem like a sure thing in my opinion. Fuji proved that there's plenty of interest in a fixed lens camera in the same market. Canon will likely do even better.


Sam Bennett wrote:

But there's plenty of people who don't need more than one lens.

No, I was reading exactly what you wrote. I didn't assess your lifework, I was commenting one particular post containing one photo, loads of what you want and what you don't, and nothing about the camera... that didn't even come out yet...

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