Learned About sRGB and Adobe RGB - Feel Like Shooting Myself

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Re: Learned About sRGB and Adobe RGB - Feel Like Shooting Myself

Ryan Mack wrote:

bronxbombers wrote:

noisebeam wrote:

My left and right eye have a different WB.

Right one is more red toned than the other more blue, but this is only noticeable if I do a wink/wink comparison and think about it.

come to think of it I have noticed the same thing to a slight degree myself

I get this a lot when I've got a window on my left and the sun hitting one eye and the other in shadow. For an long time afterwards I get very different white balances between eyes, and even a very different gamma response curve

yeah sometimes I do wonder if it is not just something along those lines, i need to check it carefully some time, in fact i notice it to quite a degree now and i have been sitting with a window to my left shinging into my left eye and it seems it is there a lot more than it was last night, so this may explain much of it at the least

(although i suppose it could be that natural light has a larger spectrum and the differences are only in certain spikes, not present with fluorescent lighting)

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