Call me a Heretic... Fuji?

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I know what you mean about the M8 CCD sensor. The files I got from mine at low ISO are (were) spectacular. I sold my M8.2 earlier this year partially because it was starting to occasionally freeze up and have to be re-booted with the battery out, and I was not trusting it to take to trips where I knew I'd want to shoot for a few hours. I also didn't want to have it out of commission at Leica for a few months, so gone it was.

As technology moves forward the range of strength for an M camera keeps shrinking, I'm afraid, much as I like the whole experience and idea. I can't justify having a camera, no matter the cost (and cost does matter) that can't effectively be used in lower light, like the M8.2 or even the M9. And don't get me started on low-light focusing

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