Call me a Heretic... Fuji?

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meland wrote:
You bring up many good points...

Just before Christmas I was on the verge of buying an M9-P / 50/2.0 Summicron and 28/2.8 Elmarit (and I still might) but something made me hold back (apart from the money!) and that was probably the knowledge that the X Pro 1 was on the way.

I have found myself saying several times in the last six months: "it will be interesting to see what Fuji has in store for 2012..."

There were times I really struggled to focus my M6 so the addition of autofocus on the X Pro 1 is appealing - I hope it can focus manually competently too.

I wonder about this also as I get older. I've watched my husband's eye deteriorate rapidly in the last 5 years (he's 48 now) and he struggles with reading glasses and adjusting the GH1 viewfinder to work for him (he shoots video). I have been very lucky thus far with my eyesight, but as my age creeps up, I don't know how I'll fair with a manual focus rangefinder-only camera.

The LCD screen on the M9 is poor and hardly worthy of the camera it is attached to, although I know that it doesn't affect the photos it takes.

It's even worse on the M8, but I live with it. It's the least important thing to me in the equation, honestly. If the camera was meant to be shot with the LCD primarily (like an EPM1), it would matter more, but I'd likely never shoot the Fuji with the LCD.

The M9's rangefinder seems to go out of alignment too easily - and yes I know you can remove the red dot and adjust it yourself - but why should that be necessary?

I've heard that... I don't know how the M8 compares and it's my only experience, but it hasn't been an issue for me (and my camera gets seriously used). Of course, I have a 90mm lens on it's way this week, so ask me again next Friday

There seems to be little weather proofing on the M9. Or sensor cleaning. In essence I might be worrying about the M9's delicateness rather than enjoying using it.

Well I haven't heard the Fuji is weather-sealed either, though it does have the in-camera sensor cleaning. The M8 sensor sure gets dirty and it's something to address regularly.

The Kodak sensor, if it ever fails, will probably cost a fortune to replace and it's low light performance is lagging behind a bit.

I'm facing that now. My M8 is showing some early signs of "issues". I also have an original M8 with the 1/8000 max shutter speed, and the idea of giving that up completely just stinks if my shutter goes. I know the M8 won't last forever... and it makes me sad.

The Kodak sensor, despite it's flaws (bad high ISO performance) is still, to date, my favorite inside the M8... and I have shot with an M9 (borrowed). There is just something about it that is unique. I can't explain it... but other M8 owners know what I mean.

So the X Pro 1 might, just might, fill that void that I was looking to the M9 to fill.
I'm still thinking about it.

I think the X Pro 1 is such an interesting camera. Not a rangefinder, but a modern-day "classic" styled camera with a lot of similarities. Of course, if you're a rangefinder die-hard, it won't fill the need. The problem is this, what other choices are there if one can't afford the M9? It's not like there's a slew of digital rangefinders to pick from, especially when it comes to other modern features.


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