Can anyone recommend 3rd party batteries for SLT-A77V?

Started Jan 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Can anyone recommend 3rd party batteries for SLT-A77V?

I agree, that quality control is different, but take my chances.I know that most likely where it does not meet the requirements is not the safety, but not charging to the maximum or having a shorter life expectancy than the specs (again for the price I don't care ). I speak about clearly marked "compatible batteries" sold at low price, not about fakes which try to mimic original ones and sold cheaper (but much more expensive than the previous ones). There is a major difference here.And if you check eBay you will see that the vast majority of sellers don't try to sell you a "genuine Sony". You have a much higher chance to buy a fake (sold as genuine) on Amazon or other online retailers.

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