Call me a Heretic... Fuji?

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Re: Call me a Heretic... Fuji?

DRabbit wrote:

Surprised I don't see more threads about it... The XPro1... well, I have to say it looks about as close to my dream camera, at least on paper, that one can get (short of the M9 which is so out of reach for me)...

I've wanted an X100 all year but never managed to put the money together. I'm already considering what I can sell to afford the XPro1.

I suppose if you already have an M9 it might not seem all that interesting...

However, how about those of you who don't? Any thoughts? First impressions and data-sheet specs look nice to me. Form factor just about perfect. Three new fast (or relatively fast) primes to start us off is excellent. And firmware that seems to suggest compatibility with 3rd party lenses (Leica M?)...

I've gotta say, I'm kinda sold... sorta wish I had the money right this minute so I'd be ready when it went on sale... wondering if I can manage it at all...



Amy, I think you are right. The X Pro 1 could indeed be the camera for many.

Just before Christmas I was on the verge of buying an M9-P / 50/2.0 Summicron and 28/2.8 Elmarit (and I still might) but something made me hold back (apart from the money!) and that was probably the knowledge that the X Pro 1 was on the way.

There were times I really struggled to focus my M6 so the addition of autofocus on the X Pro 1 is appealing - I hope it can focus manually competently too.

The LCD screen on the M9 is poor and hardly worthy of the camera it is attached to, although I know that it doesn't affect the photos it takes.

The M9's rangefinder seems to go out of alignment too easily - and yes I know you can remove the red dot and adjust it yourself - but why should that be necessary?

There seems to be little weather proofing on the M9. Or sensor cleaning. In essence I might be worrying about the M9's delicateness rather than enjoying using it.

The Kodak sensor, if it ever fails, will probably cost a fortune to replace and it's low light performance is lagging behind a bit.

So the X Pro 1 might, just might, fill that void that I was looking to the M9 to fill.

I'm still thinking about it.

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