Call me a Heretic... Fuji?

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Re: Amy...


You pointed here something interesting.

For me, the biggest advantage of a Leica M body is just the fact that its amazing OVF is coupled with M lenses.

In my opinion, One of the biggest appeals which makes the Leica experience so unique nowadays is the fact that there is this coupled OVF which is just unique.

This new Fuji can be as good as it seems, it will not provide the focusing experience a Leica M can provide me with my current set up of lenses. That is why it is impossible to consider this Fuji as a main body (for me) because as you said:

  • The IQ on my M is largely sufficient for my photographic purpose and I am satisfied with it

  • I do not require such high Isos for my work

But, as backup or a camera for low light situations, like in the Pub, with family and friends, this camera could be a big plus, especially regarding the nice skin tones the X100 gives as a result.

I am talking about the X100 now because, in fact, I have difficulties chosing this new Fuji over the current X100 to do what I described above.

The X100 is smaller, lighter, has a bright lens, really good overal IQ and Iso and amazing skin tones.

I am now wondering to whom this new Fuji would appeal except people who do not own a M yet, nor a X100?

What do you think?

Kind regards,


(and I apologize for my poor english. It is sometimes hard to build clear explanations to express myself as I am not native speaker)

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