Call me a Heretic... Fuji?

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Not heretical - pragmatic

Suddenly we have multiple platforms for Leica glass. For the the simplicity and ergonomics of Leica controls, Ms are still the only game in town, but the new platforms offer other advantages. Unfortunately those advantages aren't all collected on in a single body.

Sony's focus peaking is a huge leg up for successfully adapting manual focus lenses to the Nex platform - but the system feels like consumer gadgets, not cameras.

In-camera stabilization let's me shoot an Olympus PEN in the dark, where my 75mm Summilux becomes a 150mm F1.4 lens - but the sensor is small.

The X100 makes nice files but I never warmed to it. Couldn't pick it up and start shooting. Had ti fiddle first, toggle the display between multiple modes, wonder if it would wake up after its latest nap.

The Pro looks cool, but lacks focus peaking and stabilization. If it offers ergonomics, then it will be competitive. Hopefully the X100 genes won't transfer.

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