D100 or D70

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d200 value

I see the digital camera like our film, I mean the camera sensor. D200 belongs to the good quality category of films. Perhaps just about the first nikon film that reached that level for what I see a reasonable cost.

It's no surprise the camera holds its value then. People value films differently, like paint brushes and paint they work with. Those with appreciation to this one will simply have a firm opinion about it. DR and base iso noise is about as good as top Canon apsc current films, even a tad better on a screen display. The limit being potentially in base and low iso only use and in the resolution (– with 10mp capability generally not necessarily limited). So the d200 "film" appreciated for its aesthetical value personally is also a full value technically for the intended use. The point is that it’s an early qualitative film , technically fully capable within its spec or we can say within its design - especially at that base iso. It has limited use for some, for others not that much. There are and will be more capable films but if the added technical quality is less valued than an aesthetic one by a particular user, one can hardly argue against the choice. All that can obviously equally apply the other way round, in all ways and combinations.


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