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Re: Another expensive digital camera...

I have to say it looks perfect to me. I am working on a couple long-term projects, and having a perfectly fine time with the M4/3 gear, which if anyone is really honest, produces image quality that is superb, but.......this looks like a reincarnation of the perfect go-around kit.

To the poster who thinks lack of DOF markings is a "deal-breaker"- respectfully, really? You can't estimate in your mind what effect f/8 or f/5.6 has on apparent sharpness?

The Fuji viewfinder will show you DOF on a bar at the bottom of the image anyways. As you change apertures with your left hand the DOF markings in white will change as you compose. That's how the x100 works.

The interesting thing to me will be how the AF is implemented, whether the buffer and processor are fast, and the feel of the controls. If those are well done, I have no doubt this will be a fantastic camera.

(I say this respectfully, but the M9 is an anachronism, IMO. It is too slow for professional use. Great for walkabout shots, great files up to a point, but compared to a modern reportage camera for when you need to deliver files to a client, useless. That's probably why I haven't seen one ever in field use*)

  • ie, not hanging from the neck of a tourist, mostly in Asia.

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