Can anyone recommend 3rd party batteries for SLT-A77V?

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Re: Can anyone recommend 3rd party batteries for SLT-A77V?

Scott Nicol wrote:

After checking the official prices when I got the a77 (approx 65 gbp), I bought 3 Ex-Pro batteries off an online retailer via Amazon UK - 2 were / are fine, one had lost its charge rapidly and now only gets upto 30% after 2 months usage. On the other hand, they were 10 pound each. I was about to get a replacement Energizer battery (as a more reputable 3rd party brand) when I noticed an Official Amazon reseller is selling genuine Sony's for 35 pounds so I went with that instead. I'm not an expert but it appears to be the real deal (same weight, official looking Sony fonts and decals, Sony hologram on the plastic packaging etc etc. At 35 pounds, I was prepared to go with the originals.

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Just a heads up... with Amazon...Amazon allows retailers to post thgeir own adds, some show photos of Genuine Sony Batteries, but then when you read the reviews found on the same page you will read, battery is not as it appears on the website.. Battrery is a rep[lacement for the original Sony battery.. A genuine Sony Battery would varry more than 5 dollars. when you find one 15 or 20 dollars cheaper.... beware, in most cases its a fake ... all the fakes come out of china, they all cost 5 dollars to manufacture.. they sell the same battery for 8 dollars top 35 dollars, China makes a knock of too.. it looks exactly like a Genuine Sony Battery and even the packaging is exact, but fake. when looking at Amazon, look at the star rating thers a genuine battery on their right now thats around 30 dollars, looks just like the 53 dollar battery, which gets 5 stars from every... the 30 dollar look alike gets one star...

Here is a link to what Im talking about, picture looks genuine but then click on the reviews

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1.0 out of 5 stars Not the original Sony Battery

you are getting a copy that is worth $10 at best. Misleading Image and description that makes you think you are buying the original Battery. This business is based on the experience that most customers wont return the item because they need a battery. Total unethical practice.
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