1dx vs d4

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1dx vs d4

hello guys, let's put a comparison between the two cameras, which have a q and the other has not. q I know we will be more difficult in concetra so that, in the specifications, and not on what she could have. always dividing the subject in video mode and the rest of the camera.

Nikon D4

  • Video mode

1) Without a doubt the best fucus was able to use the 1.5 and 2.7x crop of video and still in full hd, q mean you can shoot with a 35mm 1.4 and fixed without changing the lens to simulate a 52 1.4 and a 94mm 1.4, thought that was just fantastic.

2) autofocus in video mode. q I know many people prefer to use the manual mode, it is better to have more q does not have.
3) noise reduction in video. not heard of the canon have it. I'm sure most n
4) off when the LCD does not have hdmi. this is great, because I needed it.

5) sends the signal without compression hdmi port. never needed it, the more film professionals are sure to love this, because, can they record images directly to an external hd with total quality.

  • General Camera

1) lighted buttons. a long time I missed it, because to shoot in the dark I always walked with a flashlight. this will help me a lot

2) face tracking, even in view finder mode. This is prefect for me because it sucks to be getting in the face and recomposing the scene, especially for me so just use q servant. weddings in just at the entrance of the bride will always compose qa bride is focused.

3) although it has renamed the much improved autofocus sensor. can focus at-2EV. this is very good because it will get better track in the dark. for those who use the normal mode and flash, will not feel much change because the flash has focus assist light, more so for those who use the servant like me it will be too good.

4) the best resources and a killer for me will be based photometry in the face. hunting beyond the focus on his face he will adjust the metering for him, or if I have doing backlight in any semi automatic camera in the photo will be dark, and d4 will be perfect because it will take in consideration only the face. this is perfect for photographing people in tb white walls, and the flash metering always get it wrong. will now be much more accurate. without doubt the best function, along with face-tracking focus.

5) point of focus shifts vertically and horizontally depending on the orientation of the camera. I assume it has the 1dx, though have not read anywhere. I know q is the 7d.

6) time lips. this function is pretty cool tb, because it makes the pictures and he puts it together in a video, thus saving time and still econimiza card because if I'm not mistaken the photo are not recorded. for those who want the photos stored has another function that is the intervalometer q does.
7) $ 6,000

8) q wireles transmission fits the body. tb the 1dx have it. plus the advantage of Nikon (at least not in the read 1dx tb has the function) is to control the camera and even photos of them in navigating through the iPad and iPhone. it will be very good. Imagine you have a 64gb iphone and shoot an entire wedding already backing up the camera. very good.

9) buffer 105 photos in 10fps, q of roughly 10s photos. that's wonderful I've ever needed very much. d3 is the only 20 photos, or 2 s. 1dx to make 56 shots, 14fps q in the 4s.
10) the new card and faster

11) exposure of the flash exposure separate from the scene. this is perfect, since I needed it too. when I want to offset the exposure to -1, the flash and I always had diminished tb q increase the flash compensation to be equal to +1. not now, each control is separate, if I change the flash exposure compensation does not change.

Canon 1dx
video mode
1) time code. for me was undoubtedly one of the best video mode functions.

2) compression at 50mbps. never needed it more q think many people will like. q the problem is just a 16GB card in 6mim.

3) it divides into four 4gb files without interrupting the recording, so recording of 29mim can. this is very good tb. perhaps melhro function.
4) wind filter, q reduces the noise of the audio. this is very good

camera in general
1) 18mpx
2) 61 focus points and 21 cross
3) 14 fps at 12 in jpg and raw with autofocus
4) ldc 1000 pixes

5) several autofocus modes, including a q detects the acceleration and deceleration of the object. this is really cool. axo q q was the point had been the most mudancao autofocus.

this is more or less q q I remember I read the two cameras.

I said no 'cause of the noise level not seen anything canon. I do not know nikon qa pq was released and less than 10 days and it's already full of pictures of her around, and the canon already has more than two months and never seen anything.
anyone seen pictures of her?

Apparently qo noise level improved over the d4 D3S already the world's best.

what then? q you guys have to add details??

Canon EOS 7D Canon EOS-1D Nikon D3 Nikon D3S Nikon D4
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