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Re: All the evidence suggest,

James Bligh wrote:

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CriticalI wrote:

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Discarding don't knows and alternative votes (except adding 0.5 where two options were chosen)

D800s 18.5
D800sv 12.5
D800x 11
D800xv 15

The split is becoming more and more even. What is perhaps somewhat interesting is that the two most popular options (though only just) are a direct upgrade of the D700 (low MP, no video) and the all singing all dancing 5Dmk3 competitor with 36MP and video.

Since car makers make many differentiated versions of a single car with different motors and other options, I wonder how much mileage there is for camera makers to do the same.

Whereas I doubt Nikon will make a camera without video as no-one appears to even consider it these days, I think there is plenty of evidence that both low and high resolution versions of the D800 would find a market.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Evidence is just what it isn't.

Bob, you've lost it completely. I didn't say this survey was "plenty of evidence" as its pretty obvious from the heated debates and popularity of the D700.

That again is not evidence that there would be a market for both. All it indicates is that current D700 owners, who are in anyway defined as being those for whom resolution isn't the top consideration, like their cameras. Whether a 16MP camera would present them with enough more to actually buy it is an unanswered question.

I agree with you.

This survey just illustrates it.

This 'survey' (nice grandiose term there) illustrates nothing at all. As I keep telling you, it is non-information. You cannot draw any useful inference for it because you have built in all sorts of confounding variables into your questions.

If your sense of logic does not justify the word 'inference' I will say you may find some insight for it however flawed the survey may be.

Now go and line up all your pencils again.

Once people wised up to the idea that the 36MP one had exactly the same low light capability as the 16MP one, but less DR and resolution,

36MP one had exactly the same low light capability as the 16MP one? All the evidence suggest, ceteris paribus, high pixel density same format sensors are noisier less noisy compared with low pixel density sensors.

Fixed that for you.

What do you mean by less DR and resolution? Are you saying 36MP has less resolution compared with 16MP?

No, rather obviously the 36MP sensor has more resolution and DR than the 16MP one, all other things, as usual, being equal.

I will not jump to a conclusion about the state of your mind but it seems that clearly something strange is going on with your mind.

Sifting and piecing together of theory and evidence is what's going on in my mind, instead of jumping to conclusions about things in the absence of evidence.

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