Why the G1X is super brilliant

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Why the G1X is super brilliant

-The price is 1/2 and 1/3 of Fuji's large sensor cameras...for $ 799 you get your large sensor, instead of $ 1200 and $ 2500 for a decked out Fuji Pro

-2.8 is a great f stop to start. Shooting at 1.8 yields lots of trouble with focus, like one ear in focus and 1 not, 1 eye in focus and one not. 2.8 is practical. It yields results. At ISO 3200 which the Canon G1X sensor will provide cleanly, the 2.8 will resolve the darkest restaurant. It covers 95% of the needs of low light.

-5.9 at x4 is not a problem. Most things so far away in dim light require a flash. For practical results, distance shooting requires light. This is to please 95% of users. Birders should get their low light $ 4000 lens and $ 3000 DSLR and nothing less will make them smile.

Optical viewfinder is just fine. Look at the great Fuji X10 reception also with an optical unit.

The G1X will deliver great IQ for 95% of casual users and that is 95% of the market. Before people spend $ 2500 on the Fuji Pro, they will consider a $ 1200 DSLR with two lenses. Fuji will have to carve its sales from Leica, from m4/3. But the G1X will be the entry into the large sensor portable cameras, and Canon's measured f stop and zoom will guarantee excellent IQ results for 95% of pictures. Canon will steal the market.

To get that zoom low light results with m4/3 now costs twice the G1X price.

And you get moving LCD, hi pixels, Canon G12 pedigree, decent AF speed.

Yes there are of course many things the G1X cannot do. But for 95% of parties, sports events, you will get your shot. At 1/2 the price of the competition.

Brilliant. Look at how foolish Nikon looks, to cover the same range is twice the money for a sensor a fifth the size.

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