Downsampling with ImageMagick

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Downsampling with ImageMagick

A tip from is to create a txt file, rename to XXXX.BAT and put into your desktop, to resize just drag&drop the image into the icon.

My versions for downsampling are:

convert %1 -filter Lanczos -sampling-factor 1x1 -quality 90 -resize 1024 "% n1_1024.jpg"

For a soft downsample with ZERO ringing

convert %1 -filter Mitchell -sampling-factor 1x1 -quality 90 -resize 1024 "% n1_1024.jpg"

For something between Lanczos and Mitchell, Catrom is a good bet

convert %1 -filter Catrom -sampling-factor 1x1 -quality 90 -resize 1024 "% n1_1024.jpg"

Here 2 ready examples, just save into your desktop

This image is a good candidate for testing resize algorithms, bad algorithms will create moiré...

Also look

ImageMagick can also apply USM to the files by adding -unsharp 1.5x1+0.7+0.02

convert %1 -filter Lanczos -sampling-factor 1x1 -unsharp 1.5x1+0.7+0.02 -quality 90 -resize 1024 "% n1_1024.jpg"

More details in

All about ImageMagick resize

Btw, for the Photoshop centric guys, there is an interesting plug-in that creates a sharp(but with ringing) images

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