What do you do for a living?

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Re: Hit man for Kodak...

Hi Raaj!

After my last break, I got to really doing some soul searching as to why I felt so strongly about lack of online critique and why I spouted off the way I did. It's a comradere that you can not get online, it works so well in person.

So in some ways, it is almost pointless of me to complain about it not occurring as much online when the one on one interaction or in a group setting in person is far better than on a forum.

I'd be happy to meet up in person, but after all that theatrical drama on my part, I don't know if I could even critique a person's work online anymore....:-)

RaajS wrote:
Hey Dan! Glad you're back!

One of these days you gotta take time out of your very busy schedule with the celebrities and all the jet-setting activity and offer up some real critique of the images posted here. Can't speak for the unwashed doctors and dentists here but I'd love to learn!


PS: Did you ever see this old time movie called "Our Man Flint"? Great flick! Check it out if you haven't.

Dan Nikon wrote:

My next job is to take out Perez. Only thing I would shoot him with is my M6/ 35 Summicron, with Tri-X of course.

Y'all know what I do, I wear a cape with film sprocket holes and fly around leaping tall piles of digital rhetoric as "Super Dan"...

On another note, just got the check for a nice set of images in this book, including the cover: -- http://www.amazon.com/Art-Unexpected-Places-Company-Collaboration/dp/0934324549/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1326147479&sr=8-1

So that is what I do, shoot, snowboard, shoot, love my wife, shoot, mountain climb, shoot, chill with the Clinton's, shoot, get my friend to autograph a few copies of his book on Steve Jobs, shoot...did I say shoot?

SHOOT! I don't think I did, lol!

'Digital is like shaved legs on a man - very smooth and clean but there is something
acutely disconcerting about it.'

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'Change is not Mandatory, you don't have to Survive...'

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'Digital is like shaved legs on a man - very smooth and clean but there is something
acutely disconcerting about it.'

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