Thinking about purchasing an a700...

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Re: Thinking about purchasing an a700...

Thanks for the info! I'm looking for an upgrade to my a100 due to the fact that I'm looking for higher ISO (a100 only goes up to 1600) and an improved autofocusing system (my eyes aren't as sharp as I'd like them to be) and the a700 seems to have both! As I can not afford the a65 or a77 at the moment, which I finally admitted to myself, the a700 seems to be good fit! Plus from what I've watched/read, it has good low light performance. Is that correct? I'm mainly a nature/still life/portrait shooter. Do you have the vertical grip?

WaltKnapp wrote:

KristopherMJ wrote:

What information/experience do you have to share? Flaws? Is it a midrange or consumer level? Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!

I've been using them for quite a few years, since not long after they were introduced.

It's an advanced amateur level camera. Can handle quite a bit of variety of photography.

It's the APS version of the a900, they are very similar in functionality.

If you want a still photography camera with a pentaprism OVF then it's the only choice in A mount APS. And likely the last in that.

Of the four I have one broke the SSS mechanism at about a year old, repaired just fine. Otherwise a durable field camera with excellent functionality.


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