NEX-5N for recreational photography - old D-SLR user

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Re: The MFT troll strikes again.

loicc wrote:

You have to check at many reviews comparing NEX5n with other cameras by yourself.

Most reviewers and serious photomagazine stated that nex 5n IQ stand up with Nikon D7000 and Canon EOS 5D.
You can compare Nex scores vs other cameras on DXO marks website.

Bluejay statements aren't trustworthy. Just check at his forum history. You could see him comes around in every topic bashing NEX and tell you better get MFT.
This guy is a joke.
Nikon 5100 has no Better IQ than Nex, MFT has no faster CDAF.
This troll just making wrong statements again and again.

lol funny guy. Everything I said was true and yet you still call me a troll xD A troll calling other people trolls. How hypocritical.

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