xPro1, which lens to start? Equiv. 50mm or 28m?

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Re: xPro1, which lens to start? Equiv. 50mm or 28m?

Michael Kaufman wrote:

lnbolch wrote:

I consider the X100 to be one of my best prime lenses, that just happens to have an excellent free camera hanging off its back. My choice will be the 18mm and 60mm, with the X100 in the gap. I look forward to the 14mm when it is released later.

This is kind of how I feel, except that the 50MM 1.4 seems so nice.

Maybe get all three and sell the X100.

While focal plane shutters can be fairly quiet when not accompanied by the ka-boom of the mirror, I greatly value the silence of the X100 for people photography. I have also rediscovered the joy of fill flash with a camera that does it perfectly in sunlight. It syncs at up to 1/2000th while the X-Pro1 is stuck at 1/125th.

That, and simply because I have such a high-level of comfort with it.

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