DP2 Vs Fuji X10 at ISO 100, HD

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Re: DP2 Vs Fuji X10 at ISO 100, HD

No, in the first comparison posted, the Sigma is pulling less detail of the fence below the flag. I couldn't tell from the other (DPR resized) samples but if there was a way to look at the original RAW conversions without resampling or resizing, we could probably see what I'm talking about. The Sigma does resolve more texture detail of the wall of the brown building, though.

I've just recently picked up a DP1s to play with and while it is undeniably a 100% crop monster in terms of clarity and great DR, tonal range, etc., the fact remains that you can't cut much before you hit that relatively low resolution limit. My NX100 at a full 14.6MP can chuck half the image and still be showing a lot of detail (the AA filter of that model was especially weak).

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