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Re: XZ-1 hasn't a smell on zoom IQ to the G1X. The small sensor of

jonrobertp wrote:

the XZ1, nice lil cam n all, is not in the same league, not even close. Try cropping and printing an 11x14 from a small sensor vs an slr.

Except for three prints, I've never printed an 11x14" in my life (keep in mind that I'm not a pro). One was 16X24" and the others slightly smaller. Look great. They were taken with a 4+ year old Panasonic FZ18. I think the main considerations if for those who want to print large low light photos. Otherwise, the smaller sensors serve some of us well.

I was waiting for a G12 upgrade, with a little wider and longer lens. I'll sit this one out or look elsewhere.

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